Philip Zimbardo


Philip Zimbardo, Ph.D., is a professor emeritus of psychology at Stanford University, a professor at Palo Alto University, a two-time past president of the Western Psychological Association, and a past president of the American Psychological Association. He is also the author of the best-selling book The Lucifer Effect and the president of the Heroic Imagination Project.


Stories by Philip Zimbardo

Articles: Seven Paths to a Meaningful Life

By Philip Zimbardo | May 28, 2013

A giant in the field of social psychology draws on five decades of teaching and research to reveal the secrets of a fulfilling life to today's graduating seniors.


Articles: What Makes a Hero?

By Philip Zimbardo | January 18, 2011

We all have an inner hero, argues Philip Zimbardo. Here's how to find it.


Videos and Podcasts: What Makes A Hero?

By Philip Zimbardo | January 17, 2011

Philip Zimbardo explores what research knows about who becomes a hero—and why they act heroically.


Videos and Podcasts: Heroic Imagination Project

By Philip Zimbardo | January 16, 2011

Philip Zimbardo describes his new program to help people find their inner hero.


Videos and Podcasts: The Milgram Experiment

By Philip Zimbardo | January 13, 2011

Philip Zimbardo describes the classic and controversial study suggesting how ordinary, decent people can commit heinous acts.


Videos and Podcasts: A Study of Evil

By Philip Zimbardo | January 12, 2011

Philip Zimbardo explains how his infamous Stanford Prison Experiment illuminates the horrors of Abu Ghraib and the psychology of evil.


Videos and Podcasts: The Truth about Good and Evil

By Philip Zimbardo | January 10, 2011

Philip Zimbardo argues that there are no fixed boundaries between “good” and “bad” people.


Articles: The Banality of Heroism

By Zeno Franco, Philip Zimbardo | September 1, 2006

Circumstances can force almost anyone to be a bystander to evil, but they can also bring out our own inner hero. Zeno Franco and Philip Zimbardo show how we’re all capable of everyday heroism.




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