The Greater Good Take on Big Ideas

We believe that ideas matter, and that Big Ideas have real-world consequences. For too long, we have let a misguided set of Big Ideas carry the day—namely, that humans are born selfish and aggressive, that self-interest and belligerence make up our natural state. When we subscribe to such ideas, we become more likely to accept and perpetuate cruelty and indifference.

Some of the most important Greater Good articles argue for a different take on human nature, one that recognizes humans’ strong propensities for compassion and altruism—an argument grounded in years of scientific discovery.

And this is just one Big Idea of many that you'll find on Greater Good. In general, our Big Ideas aim to:

  • Challenge conventional wisdom with a research-based, often counter-intuitive perspective on human nature or another important topic;

  • Introduce readers to a concept (e.g., self-compassion) that deepens their understanding of themselves and their potential for growth;

  • Stress the importance of a behavior or principle (e.g., gratitude or forgiveness) that we often underestimate or take for granted;

  • Offer a novel interpretation of what it takes to find true happiness or success;

  • Empower readers with knowledge and insights that can catalyze real, substantial change in their communities and in their relationships with others.

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